Frequently Asked Questions

What do I enter in the Registration form?

Sample Registration form

What internet browser should I use?

Use the browser that you would normally use, unless the browser is Microsoft Edge, which is not compatible with Adobe.

What is a dependent Child?

A dependent child means a child, including foster children, who is:

  • Under the age 18
  • Under the age of 23 in full time education
  • Aged 18 or more and is certified permanently unable to work due to medical condition

Who should I include in the parent section?

Include first and last name of parent(s)/guardian(s)

What is the closing date for registration?

Applicants must have registered before the closing date of 20th December 2017.

My Church is not on the list of recognised churches, am I eligible?

If your church is not on the list you may still be eligible, although the church must be a recognised protestant church by the SEC.

I received an SEC grant last year, do I have to re-apply this year?

Yes, you must make an application for the 2018/19 school year even if you received a grant for the previous school year.

How do I find my Eircode?

Go to the Eircode site, enter your postal address and your code will be displayed.

What does Salutation mean?

Salutation is how you would like to be addressed in letters and emails, e.g Dear Mr & Mrs Smith, Dear Nicole etc.

What schools are included in the SEC Grant scheme?

Go to this page to see the list of secondary schools included in the SEC Grant scheme.

Whose contact details should I include on the form?

Include the contact details for the parent/guardian who is to receive all communications regarding the SEC grant application.

What email address should I use?

Use the email address that you would normally use, unless it is a hotmail account which is not compatible with Adobe. We recommend that you use a Gmail account.

What level do I put in for my child?

Enter the level they will be at for school year 2018/19 e.g if they are entering first year in 2018/19, then select “Form 1”.

Should I include all my children on the registration form?

Include all dependent children on the form, with the first child listed being the one that that grant is being applied for. See FAQ above for details of what is a dependent child.

One of my children goes to a secondary school which is not eligible for a SEC grant, how do I include them on the form?

Include them as normal, but for secondary school they are attending select the “Other” option.

Is my information secure?

The risks associated with sensitive documents have always been high. But in a world where people regularly
access and transmit those documents on their mobile devices and public networks, the risks are higher than
ever. The most effective solution is to assign security parameters that are an integral part of the document itself.
Adobe Acrobat is designed to protect electronic documents inside and outside the network with convenient,
easy-to-use document-security capabilities that encourage users to keep information private.
Our solutions are based on the most current versions of Adobe Acrobat Pro and Adobe Reader DC.
The documents are protected with 256-bit AES encryption using Adobe Acrobat Pro, for your security. Other
products may not render the form correctly. More information is available by downloading this document.

Why is the Activation button not working?

Did you open the form using Acrobat Reader DC?

Check the text at the top left of the page when the document is open and you should see “SEC Registration.pdf – Adobe Acrobat Reader DC”.

Click the image to expand

Answer – if another program has opened the form (using Chrome or Safari extensions, for example) you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to complete this form. To find out if you have it installed on your computer, follow these steps:
  1. Click the Start button on your task bar (usually found at the bottom left of the computer screen).
  2. Select All Programs from the pop-up menu.
  3. Verify that there is a folder called Adobe Acrobat listed.

If you don’t have Adobe Reader on your computer, you can download it for free here. Adobe may suggest installing software from other companies along with Reader. Usually you do not want or need those, so uncheck them unless you’re sure you want them. If you use PDF products apart from Adobe Reader DC, the form may not be fully functional.

Are you accessing the document on a phone or tablet?

This document uses features available within Microsoft Windows (AES-256bit encryption) and may not work correctly using Apple or Android devices.
Answer – open the document on a Windows PC (e.g. a friend, your local library or an Internet Cafe).
How do I send the activation email

1. Request activation code by email
2. View Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
3. Type activation code here to unlock



Until you activate the form, you will not be able to enter any information into the fields. To request an activation code, click the activation button. If you don’t see the following panel, check the topic above “Why is the Activation button not working?”







Select the top option if you use Microsoft Outlook and this is your PC. Select the bottom option to access your web account e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, Eircom, etc.






Gmail, for example, will ask you for your permission to proceed. Click “Allow”.


Once you reply “Yes” to this prompt, an email will be automatically created in your Gmail account (you may be asked for a password) and you should click “Send” (see below). Please be patient during these steps because it can take a few minutes depending on the speed of your PC and the Internet connection.




What will happen when I send the activation email?

 Answer – a response will be received to your email address within a few minutes containing a six-digit code. Enter the code, click on the first entry field and you will be able to complete the form.
Please note the message “Form unlocked” appearing beside the activation code



A message appeared about my webmail but nothing else has happened. What do I do now?

A draft email has been created in your default email folder.

Answer –  Check the task bar, at the bottom of the screen, to see if there is an option waiting for your input.

I am still having a problem on my PC. What do I do?

If you are still having difficulties, please send an image of your screen to with a detailed explanation of your problem. Follow the instructions below to locate the Windows Snipping Tool in order to create the image:

Do I include all mortgage/rent payments on the form?

Only include the rent/mortgage payments for the home that you live in.

My child is Church Of Ireland but I  go to a Catholic church, do I put in my church?

No, please include your child’s church on the application form.

What is my employment status?

Employment status is whether you are working or not working. This also includes if you are a homemaker or self-employed.

I was employed in 2016 but I am unemployed now, what should I put for employment status?

Please include your current employment status on the form, e.g Employments, unemployed etc