How to apply

Eligibility criteria are:

  • The child is verified by a SEC recognised protestant church as being a member of that church
  • The school being attended is on the list of SEC recognised protestant managed schools (see links)
  • Boarding grants are only available when the distance from home to school is more than 20 kilometers
  • Applicants must be taxpayers in the Republic of Ireland and/or in receipt of payments from the Department of Social Protection in the year prior to applying

Application Process:

  • Talk to the school and ask for access to application process
  • It is a three step process
  • Step 1: Applicants receive an email from their school with a link to the registration form, which must be downloaded onto your PC, completed and submitted by email
  • Step 2: Application form emailed to registered applicants to complete online and email to SEC
  • Step 3: Print a copy to sign and have the religion verification signed to post into SEC, enclosing copies of tax/financial information as requested
  • Cut off times after which the online service will be unavailable:
    • Step 1 Registration – midnight 20th December 2017
    • Step 2 Application – midnight 31st January 2018
    • Step 3 Printed Form with verification documents received by SEC – 28th February 2018
  • Once your application has been means tested, you will receive confirmation by email on successful completion of the three steps above
  • You will be informed of the result of your application by email

Support for completing application process:

  • FAQs will be updated regularly on this website
  • If you are having issues completing any step of the process please consult a trusted friend or advisor for assistance

Means test outline

All funds paid out in grants are 100% provided by the Department of Education and Skills from the tax payer. The means test takes account of all financial information and is used to identify necessitous applicants below a certain threshold. The criteria for the test are reviewed annually by the board of directors of the SEC.

Currently the test takes after tax income and deducts cost of family accommodation either rent or mortgage payments, allowance for dependent children, special circumstances and the result is the Net Reckonable Income “NRI” for grant assessment.

Non family home/business property assets are also assessed with an allowance of €300,000 for Net Asset Value (value less related debt). An application with a Net Asset Value exceeding this allowance will fail the means test.

Liquid assets are treated differently to property as they are divisible and can be converted to cash with relative ease e.g. bank savings/current accounts, investment bonds, cash deposits, shares in publicly quoted companies. The surplus value over the current allowance of €150,000 is considered quasi additional income and is factored into the calculation of the NRI.

Net Reckonable Incomes are divided into bands of €5,000 and grant amounts are awarded based on these bands.

The highest Net Reckonable Income that qualifies for a grant currently is €45,000.

Grant amounts and income bands are reviewed annually by the board of directors of the SEC.

*Subject to review by SEC board for 2018/19 assessment*

Bands Net Reckonable Income Range Day  Boarding
Band 1 €0-€20,000 € 3,000  € 7,629
Cavan Royal € 2,600  € 7,200
Royal&Prior  N/A € 6,100
Band 2 €20,000-€25,000 € 1500 € 5666
Band 3 €25,000-€30,000 € 818 € 3000
Band 4 €30,000-€35,000 € 615 € 1899
Band 5 €35,000-€40,000 € 412 € 1158
Band 6 €40,000-€45,000 € 231 € 750

An additional 10% add on subject to a capping at full fee levels was made in 2017 to reflect disbursal by the board of surplus cash which had accumulated over the last few years.