How to apply

Eligibility criteria are:

  • The child is verified by a recognised church as being a member of that church
  • The school being attended is on the list of recognised protestant managed schools (see links)
  • Boarding grants are only available when the distance from home to school is more than 20 kilometers
  • The school provides access for applications to be submitted

Application Process:

  • Talk to the school and ask for access to application process
  • Follow the link below to register your application
  • If approved registration then you will be emailed the full application form
  • Submit financial information as requested
  • You will be informed of the result of your application by email

Means test outline

The means test requires full disclosure of all applicants financial position.

The purpose of the means test is to identify children who are necessitous and the level of necessity.

Grants are awarded in bands of fixed amounts and not a pro rata amount as a percentage of fees to be paid.

Information requested is outlined in the application form and includes what you would normally expect to see in terms of income and assets.

The SEC retains the right to ask for refunds where an error on anybody’s part is discovered and an overpayment has been made. Equally if an error is discovered showing that underpayment was made the SEC will make good the deficit to the school.