We will update this page from time to time to highlight recent developments and updates e.g. when the online application process is open for applications.

Notice Of Appeals Process End:

The SEC has concluded its allocation of funds for the school year 2017/18.

No further appeals will be considered, except in exceptional circumstances.

Registrations for 2018/19.

We are delighted to say that approximately 1,300 families have registered for the grant process for 2018/19.

As the official closing time for registrations was midnight on Wednesday 20th December 2017, the support line has been reduced.

If you have contacted us before the closing time we will continue to assist you.

First time applicants on receipt of an offer from the school of their choice should register their intention to apply for a grant as soon as possible after receiving the offer. You will need to have received an email from the school with the hidden link to the school page on our website.

We will be emailing applications to the email address entered in the registration form at the start of January 2018.