About us

The SEC was established in 1968 to administer the Protestant Block Grant Scheme agreed with the Department of Education when the free capitation education scheme was introduced.  The SEC scheme is administered in accordance with the terms of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Education and Skills. This M.O.U. is reviewed regularly by the Department.

Grants are allocated through a means-tested process in accordance with strict criteria.

Grants awarded are paid to the relevant school to off-set school fees and not directly to the applicant.

The allocation of all grant funding is subject to the oversight of the SEC and is audited annually by Deloitte, with further annual reporting to the Department of Education and Skills with whom on-going contact is maintained.

The Secondary Education Committee (SEC) is a Limited Company limited by guarantee with a charitable purpose: to allocate grant aid to facilitate and allow parents from Protestant faith traditions to send their children to a Protestant second level school.

The Board of Directors comprises representatives of the four religious patrons of second level schools under a ‘Protestant’ management, namely the Church of Ireland, the Methodist Church in Ireland, the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, and the Society of Friends (Quaker).

Our Committee


Adrian Oughton (Chairman)

Nigel Pim

Geoffrey Perrin

Allen Mc Adam 

Roy Crowe

Rev. Katharine Poulton

Joyce Ryder

Stuart Ferguson

Stuart Blythman

David Lee

Secretary:  Dr. K.W. Fennelly


Incorporated in Ireland at the above address, No. 349370.  Registered charity No. 6487

Privacy Policy

All grants are entirely funded from government funds however the details of all applicants are treated as confidential.

Where both parents/guardians of a child are supporting them financially we must receive an application in joint names. In cases of legal separation/divorce the maintenance arrangements will suffice from the parent/guardian who is paying maintenance and only in this context will a sole application be processed.

To process applications the SEC needs consent to talk to other parties for the purpose of verifying aspects of applications and general administration of the scheme.