3 Step Application Process

Starting the 3 step process means you understand that supporting documentation will need to be supplied to support your application.

The application process is now entirely online and can be completed using any device. Paper forms are not available. 

* These documents are outlined here.

Step 1: If you have applied before, you will receive an email from the SEC with a link to the registration form. If you are already in an SEC school but didn’t apply last year, you should request the registration form link from your school and register before the 30th October. If you are a new applicant who just recently accepted a school place, you should request the registration form from the school and submit it within two weeks of accepting a place.

Step 2: Registered applicants will be emailed an Application form to complete online.

Step 3: Submit your supporting documents through the Dropbox link we email you. We will include a personalised document checklist in this email too. You must print out the Verification of Religion Form, get it signed by your minister and include a scan/photograph of the form with your documents.

Cut off times after which the online service will be unavailable:

  • Step 1 Registration – previous applicants/current students: closing date midnight 30th October 2023; new applicants: within two weeks of accepting an offer
  • Step 2 Application – closing date midnight 30th November 2023 or within two weeks of receiving application form link by email
  • Step 3 Document submission – within three weeks of receiving document submission link by email

Once your application has been means-tested, you will receive a confirmation by email on successful completion of the three steps above

You will be informed of the result of your application by email, by April 2024

Support during the application Process

  • Check out our support videos
  • Check FAQs for details of information required at each step
  • If you are having issues completing any step of the process please consult a trusted friend or advisor for assistance
  • Email: support@secgrant.ie