Document Requirements

Document Submission is Step 3 of the application process. After submitting your Application Form (step 2), you will be emailed a personalised Document Submission link as your final step in the application process.

  • To help you organise your documents there are four categories: Assets, Family, Income, Property.
  • File type accepted: scanned image, photo, screengrab, JPEG, GIF, PNG OR PDF.
  • Please ensure to title each file the name of the supporting document.
  • Income files need to refer to 2020. All other files should be within the last 3 months.

List of documents that can be requested

3-months recent and consecutive statements for ALL your bank accounts

  • Current Account statements (we will look for both yours and your spouse/partner/co-habitants)
  • Savings account statements
  • Revolut or Virtual Bank statement

If you have entered other assets you need to provide recent documentary evidence

  • Schedule of shares and current valuation
  • Credit Union Statements (most recent 3 months)
  • Investment Bond Statements
  • Prize Bond Certificates
  • A copy of your most recent school bill or, if you have recently accepted an offer of a school place, supply an acceptance letter.
  • A copy of your separation / divorce agreement with information on financial support / maintenance arrangements for children for whom grant is being applied
  • Signed Verification of Affiliation to a recognised Protestant Denomination form. Click HERE to download
  • Supporting documentation for any other special circumstances.

To be eligible for the grant you must have been tax resident in Ireland in 2020 or in receipt of Social Welfare in 2020.

  • 2020 Statement of Liability from Revenue (this was previously known as a P21 Balancing Statement). It is available online through My Account at See the highlights in the example below for what to enter on your Application Form

Example of a Statement of Liability

  • 2020 Employment Detail Summary from Revenue (this was previously known as a  P60). If you ceased employment during the year, you should provide an up-to-date Statement of Earnings (which replaces the P45). Both documents are available online through My Account at If you or your spouse/partner/co-habitant had more than one employment in 2020, provide an Employment Details Summary for each employment.

Example of an Employment Detail Summary

  • 2020 Form 11 Return Summary (Notice of Assessment is not accepted). This document has multiple pages and you must submit all pages. See the highlights in the example below for what to enter on your Application Form

Example 1 Form 11 – Calculations page

Example 2 Form 11 – Calculations page

  • 2020 Farm/business annual accounts
  • Your 2020 Business financial statements (including balance sheet and profit & loss account) are required where either the applicant or your spouse/partner/cohabitant has a shareholding of 25% or more.
  • Social Welfare Statement detailing all benefits and total received for the year 2020. Weekly dockets/receipts will not be accepted
  • Documentation showing other non-taxable sources of income e.g. letter from family/friend detailing gifts or Forestry grants
  • 2020 Rent/mortgage statements showing monthly payments for the home that you live in.
  • Property Valuation for each of your other properties e.g. Local Property Tax summary for all properties owned by you. Or recent valuation by estate agent, surveyor or auctioneer
  • Mortgage statement for each of your other properties. It must show a recent mortgage balance for each property

For other property in Ireland you can provide your Local Property Tax summary

Learn how to access your LPT tax summary here

For other property in the UK you can provide

Learn how to show us your UK properties valuation here

How to complete the Document Submission Form