Civil Status

Enter current civil status.

I live in Ireland with my children but my husband/wife lives abroad. What do I enter for my marital status? You must enter Married – Geographical separation is not a civil status.

If you select single, living alone, recently separated, legally separated, divorced or widowed you can select Not Applicable for Parent 2.


Please insert your own denomination by selecting from the drop-down options or typing in the name of your church or no religion.

What is Employment status?

Select your employment status in the assessable year. If you have had a change in employment status since the assessable year or expect a change of employment status in the near future e.g. redundancy please let us know in Section G

  • Employer name: Enter the name of your employer here and if you are self-employed simply type in “self” or the trade name you use.
  • Company Director: If you are a company Director and you own 25% or more of the shares in the company either on your own or jointly with your spouse/partner you will need to send in the most recent full set of financial statements (balance sheet, profit, and loss account, and notes) with your documents.