What period do I include for the questions in this section?

Calendar year 2022.

Your Family Income Details

What does each option mean?

  • Single PAYE for a single income: You are employed by someone else, receive a Statement of Liability and Employment Detail Summary from Revenue. You are single and live alone.
  • Single self-assessment for a single income: You are self-employed or a PAYE worker with some income earned through self employment e.g. income from renting a property, you receive a Form 11 from Revenue. You are single and live alone.
  • Joint Assessed PAYE: You and your spouse/partner/co-habitant are employed by someone else and receive a joint Statement of Liability, you each have separate Employment Details Summaries.
  • Joint self-assessed: You AND/OR your spouse/partner/cohabitant are self employed (one of you can be a PAYE worker), you receive a joint Form 11 from Revenue. You will need to upload the PAYE workers Employment Detail Summary during Document Submission so we can include your employee PRSI in your means test.
  • Individually assessed PAYE: You and your partner are employed by someone else and each receive a separate Statement of Liability from Revenue (and Employment Detail Summaries).
  • Individually self-assessed: You and your partner are both self employed and each receive a separate Form 11 from Revenue
  • Singly Assessed PAYE and single self-assessed: You or your spouse/partner/cohabitant is employed by someone else and one of you is self employed. You will upload one Form 11 and on Statement of Liability (and Employment Detail Summaries) when you complete Document Submission.
  • Social Welfare only: You and/or your spouse/partner/co habitant were in receipt of social welfare only in the assessable year. You will upload two Social Welfare Statements for the assessable year during Document Submission. If you are single and living alone, you will upload one for yourself only. 

Where do I get my income information?

  • You get this information from the Revenue Commissioners. If you are a PAYE employee, you will request a 2022 Statement of Liability from the Revenue website (this document replaces the P21). Instead of a P60 or P45 for each of your employments you will request 2022 Employment Detail Summary directly from Revenue and this will list all your employments in 2022.
  • If you or your partner are a PAYE employee with rental income or self employed you will have a Form 11 Return Summary from Revenue which you can get from Revenue website or your accountant.
  • Find out how to request your Statement of Liability here and here
  • Find out how to request your Employment summary/summaries here

Note: be sure to download the pdf versions of your 2022 PAYE/USC Statement of Liabilities and 2022 Employment detail summaries. If you print/screenshot from the browser it does not have all the relevant information for you to fill in the application form.

I am a PAYE employee and my partner is self-assessed tax so we are individually assessed. What do I select from the drop-down boxes

Singly Assessed PAYE and single self-assessed (Even if you are self-assessed and your partner is PAYE you select the option above from the drop-down options).

My partner and I are jointly assessed for tax under the PAYE system. Where do I find the numbers to insert in the boxes?

You will need to refer to your Statement of Liability for the tax year ended 31 December 2022 and take the figures for income, PAYE tax, and USC, shown below

Statement of Liability 2022

For employee PRSI contributions you will need to refer to your Employment Detail Summary for the year ended 31 December 2022 shown below

Employment Detail Summary 2022

My partner and I are jointly self-assessed where do we get the figures to put in on the application at Section C?

You will need to refer to the Calculation section of your Form 11 Summary and take the figures from it. See the examples below:


Example 1

Example 2


If your household’s income was from the Department of Social Protection only in 2022

Select Social Welfare only and scroll down to the Social Welfare payments section.

You will need to request a Social Welfare Statement for 2022 from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.


Your Other Sources of Income

We rely on support from family and friends to cover some of our living costs. How do we tell you about this?

You must disclose all sources of financial support to you, even if this is just a small sum to help with occasional costs. The means test process is very comprehensive and if we discover that you have not fully disclosed your means, we will not process your application and no grant will be provided. If you receive any support from family and friends you must include this in the Other sources of income section and select Assistance from family/friends.

I receive maintenance from my child’s other parent. How do I tell you about this?

If you or your child receive maintenance or financial support from the other parent of your child enter the total amount received in 2022 in the Other source of income section and select Maintenance/Financial support from the dropdown list.

I have no or almost no income

To complete a means test we need to be satisfied that we understand how you manage to pay your bills and expenses, and maintain your standard of living. If we are not satisfied, we reserve the right not to process your application. If you have no income, or a very low income, you must be prepared to explain and demonstrate with appropriate documents, how you manage your household finances.