Enter your family home in this section. Enter the monthly rent or mortgage payments you paid in 2022.

Enter your business premises if they are owned by you or your farm on the second line. If your farm has multiple Eircodes/multiple addresses enter the largest acreage’s Eircode/Townland here and enter the total value of all land in current value etc.

If you are still unsure what to enter in Section D and E, please email us a description of your situation to support@secgrant.ie and we will advise you.


We live in a house that is provided as part of my employment and we also have a house that we rent out that we intend to move into on our retirement. How do I enter these details on the application?

Firstly in Section D go to the first line of boxes headed and select ‘Provided rent-free’ from the drop down list.

Then in Section E enter the details of the house you own but don’t live in and is rented out. If it is not rented out insert €0.00 in the rental income box.


We inherited my wife’s parents’ farm 15 years ago and we bought additional land 10 years ago to improve its viability and we still owe money to the bank for this extra land. How do we enter this on the application?

In Section D under the heading enter the option “owned by us with a mortgage” and complete the details as requested showing the full estimated current value of the entire farm and the current balance of the loan outstanding.


We used to live in England and when we returned to Ireland we decided to keep the house we owned in England and we are renting it out to supplement our income from employment. Do we enter this into the property asset section of section E?

Yes. Type in “House” for the asset type box and convert the Sterling £ values and rental income into euro € using an accurate currency conversion.