Every family has a unique set of circumstances and this section is your opportunity to let us know if your family has had an exceptional change of circumstances since 2022. This may be redundancy, death of your partner/child, sudden illness or perhaps information about your bank transactions, living situation etc.

It is assumed that all tax relief available has been claimed ie Health Expenses Credit and we will look for this figure on your Statement of Liability if you are a PAYE employee or on your Form 11/Notice of Assessment if you are self-employed.

Please do not send us receipts.

We only take the figure on your Revenue documents and give an additional allowance for the portion not covered by the tax relief.


Statement of Liability shows Health Expenses Credit of €253.

Total value of health expenses is €253 x 5 = €1265.

As Revenue has given a credit for 1/5 of the expenses, the SEC will give credit for the remaining 4/5, so the health expense allowance is €1265 – €253 = €1012


What do I need to include with my documents to get my medical costs included?

The following are examples of Special Circumstances that could be included on your application if they apply to you.

Special Circumstances are considered on a case by case basis and a clear cover letter with an outline of the costs to you in 2022 only would be helpful.

It is assumed that all available tax relief will be claimed by you.


I paid for a Professional Home Carer to attend to my elderly relative in their home

Provide a cover letter outlining the proportion of the cost to you.

Provide a social welfare statement if you receive any social welfare in relation to the care of your elderly relative.


You pay 25% of your relative’s home care bill of €40,000 per annum. You pay tax at a higher rate. Respite grant of €1700 is received.

Bill €40,000 – €1700 =  €38,000

Your expense is €38,300 x 25% = €9575

Your tax relief is €9575 x 40% = €3830

Maximum Special Circumstances allowance in this example: €5745


I pay for my parents’ long term nursing home costs

The Fair Deal Scheme is available to all people who require long-term nursing home care.

If you paid for costs before your relative’s fair deal scheme was finalised please outline this in a letter listing costs in 2022 and the date that the Fair Deal Scheme was finalised.

Provide bill, receipt, and bank statement highlighting the payment in 2022.

Provide a copy of the communication from Fair Deal Scheme confirming your application.


My partner/child has a long term illness

Provide Tax claim form for the medical costs you have claimed relief on from Revenue eg form 11, form 12, Med 2.

If you have additional costs not provided by other schemes, provide a cover letter outlining costs to you in 2022 associated with the long term illness e.g. specialised equipment, adaption of your house, cost of getting to appointments/hospital, overnight stays etc.


My child has Dyslexia and in 2022 received a psychological assessment and attends special classes in addition to school

The SEC does not generally give allowances for Dyslexia unless costs were deemed necessary by a psychologist.

My child has Dyspraxia or DCD

Provide a cover letter listing costs of supports and/or classes your child attends in relation to their Dyspraxia.

Provide documentary evidence showing a professional recommendation for your child to attend certain classes/activities due to dyspraxia

An example of support: occupational therapy, physiotherapy, exercise programmes, counselling for child or parents, psychotherapy, drama therapy, speech, and language therapy

My child has an autism diagnosis and this incurs non-medical costs

Please provide a cover note setting out the costs incurred in 2022 and they will be considered on a case by case basis.


Please contact info@secgrant.ie or 01 551 4693 if you wish to discuss your circumstances or are unsure which documents to provide.