To receive a grant, your child must be verified by a minister as a member of an eligible Protestant/ Reformed denomination.

Download the form HERE have it signed by your minister and submit it with your documents.

You need to provide a signed Verification of Religion form if:

  • One or more of your children are starting 1st year in an SEC school in September 2024 (even if you applied last year for different children)
  • One or more of your children are entering Senior cycle (4th or 5th year) in September 2024 (even if you applied last year)
  • If you have one or more children moving to an SEC school, into any school year (even if you applied last year for a different child)
  • If you are a first time applicant

The signed version will be required in Step 3: Document Submission.

This form must be signed in the presence of your clergyperson/minister.

If your parish is currently vacant we will accept forms signed by:

Church of Ireland – visiting clergyperson or Archdeacon

Presbyterian Church – Convenor

Write the denomination of your child e.g. Baptist, RCCG etc. Do not write Protestant.

Both parents, if applicable, must sign the form.

If you are a minister of religion and applying to the grant for your child/ren you cannot sign the verification of religion as a witness. The Verification of Religion must be witnessed by another minister of religion.