Your personal information – so we can contact you, assess your distance from the school if you are applying for a boarding grant


Recent bank balances – figures over €80,000 will be added to your after-tax income

Other liquid assets – figures over €80,000 will be added to your after-tax income

Assistance from family/friends –this helps us understand how you manage your household finances


Your spouse/partner/co habitant’s occupation and employment status – all household income is assessed in the means test

All of your dependent children under 24 – so that the Dependant Child Allowance can be calculated correctly (if this is filled incorrectly you may receive a lower grant in error) and deducted from your after-tax income


Your occupation and employment status – so we can advise you which documents you will need to submit 


Mortgage/rent payments – this annual outgoing will be deducted from your after-tax income

Other Property Assets – this is property other than your family home or business/farm. You need to include a valuation (Local Property Tax or local valuation eg zoopla for UK, Property Price Register details etc) and a recent mortgage balance statement if applicable so that the value of the property is not over estimated