What is my Security code and Reference Number?

You will be sent an SMS with your security code to the mobile you registered with us.

If you applied to the SEC grant in a previous year you will have been assigned a Reference number. It is an eight-digit ID number in this format 100xxxxx that helps the SEC identify you in our files. (You should try to have it to hand when you call us or send us an email). Your Reference Number will be the same every year. You will find it on last year’s application form or in the subject line of emails we have sent to you.

 What does Dependent Child mean?

We allocate an allowance for each of your children that you are rearing. It is very important that you include all your dependent children on the Registration Form so we can give you the right allowance. If you do not enter all your dependent children you may receive a smaller grant allocation.

For the SEC grant, a dependent child means your child, including a foster child, who on 31 August 2024 is:

  • Under the age of 18
  • Over 18 but under 24 and in full time secondary, further or higher education
  • Aged over 18, residing with you, and certified as unable to work due to a physical or medical condition

Who should I include in the name section?

The means test is based on your total household income. You should include your first and last name and your spouse/partner/cohabitant’s name.

If the second parent of the child for whom you are applying is not your current spouse/partner/cohabitant, you do not need to include their details. Instead, you can explain on your application form any relevant details, such as maintenance you might receive from them.