How does it work?

Once you pass the religion eligibility, school and residency criteria. The grant is means-tested, which means you must demonstrate your level of need.

Means Test

The SEC grant is designed to support necessitous members of Protestant denominations to attend secondary schools with a Protestant ethos. The amount of grant aid you receive will depend on your earnings during the assessable year. If your income exceeds the maximum allowable level, no grant will be allocated. For the 2024/25 school year, the assessable year is 2022. The basic calculation is:

(After Tax Income + Social Welfare Payments + all other income)
– (Rent/Mortgage)
– (Dependent Child Allowance)
= Net Reckonable Income (NRI)

  • Liquid assets (e.g. cash, savings, investment bonds) of up to €80,000 are disregarded from the means test. Any assets over this amount are added to the NRI.
  • The value of the family home/farm/business is not included in the means test. Second homes/rental properties with a net value (i.e. market value – mortgage) of up to €400,000 is disregarded from the means test. Any net value over this amount is added to the NRI.
  • Special circumstances allowances can be made for further reductions to the NRI.

How much grant aid will I receive?
You can use the means test calculator to estimate the amount of grant you might receive. The current grant amounts and rates of dependent child allowance are available here.

When do I apply?

  • If you have just received an offer of a school place you should apply to us within two weeks of accepting your offer. You should request the registration form link from the school.
  • If your child is already in an SEC school, then you must register by 30 October. The link is available from the school.
  • If you have previously applied to the SEC we will send you the link in October each year. You must reapply every year and ensure you register by 30 October. Late registrations cannot be accommodated.

My income has changed dramatically since the assessable year?
We recognise that from time to time major changes can occur between years. If you did not apply last year because you were ineligible and you would now be eligible, there is a chance we can consider a late application (before 31st May only). Where your income has been reduced dramatically, you can request a reassessment of your application (before 31st May only). To discuss this further please email

I’m not sure if I’m eligible
To discuss your eligibility, contact our support officer at

I want to apply
Please consult our application process section.