SEC Updates

COVID 19 / Coronavirus

The SEC office is working with reduced capacity. There may be delays in reaching the office by telephone so the fastest way to make any enquiry is to email We are grateful for your patience at this time.

2021/22 Grant Applications Now Open

All applicants who have registered must now complete their electronic Application Form by 15 January 2021.

2020/21 Grant Notifications

The 2020/21 Means Testing process is currently being finalised. All applicants who have completed the application process will be notified of the outcome by Friday 15 May 2020.

2020/21 Appeals

The SEC appeals policy permits applicants to appeal a grant notification on two grounds:

  1. Where the applicant believes an error has been made in the calculation of the Net Reckonable Income
  2. Where the applicant has had a change in circumstance since submitting the application.

If appealing on a change of circumstance, you must submit supporting documents for your claim. Please note that increased operational overheads for self-employed people is not normally acceptable as a change in circumstance.

Your appeal will be assessed by an appeals officer. Except where an administrative error is uncovered there will be no further opportunity to review your grant allocation.

To appeal you must email and request the appeal form. Your appeal must be submitted on this form within 14 days of the grant notification.

COVID-19/Coronavirus – Financial Impact

Existing Applicants

This year the SEC invites applicants to appeal if they had a substantial change in circumstance due to COVID-19/Coronavirus. If you have experienced a loss of earnings due to COVID-19 you should detail your circumstances in the relevant section of the appeal form and provide supporting documentation. Your Net Reckonable Income will be reduced further by the net reduction in your income to date since the introduction of the government’s financial support measures for COVID-19.

For PAYE workers who have reduced income, you should supply a current payslip (April 2020) and a February payslip.

For PAYE workers who have lost their job, you should supply a payslip from February 2020 and details of current income (e.g. Pandemic Unemployment Payment).

For Self-Employed people experiencing a reduction in income, please provide evidence of your income to date this year, and confirm any subsidies or benefits you are currently receiving.

Please provide details and supporting documents for each parent who has experienced a loss of income and the date on which your change of circumstances commenced.

New Applicants

The SEC is partially suspending its late application policy. If you deemed yourself previously ineligible but your income has been reduced by COVID-19/Coronavirus, you are welcome to make a late application. You will be assessed on your 2018 income but your Net Reckonable Income (NRI) will be reduced further by the net reduction in your income to date since the introduction of the government’s financial support measures for COVID-19. You should request the Registration Form by email and highlighting that you have been impacted by COVID-19.

Example 1: Applicant’s NRI is €35,400. Applicant receives a Band 4 grant. Parent 1 has had income reduced from €900 per week in February 2020 to €350. The reduction took place on 23 March 2020. Applicant has had income reduction of €550 per week for 8 weeks, so NRI is reduced by €4,400 to €31,000 and grant is increased to Band 3.

Example 2: Applicant’s NRI is €68,000. Applicant is declined as NRI exceeds maximum of €60,000. Parent 2 has reduced income from €2,000 per week to €350, i.e. €1,650 reduction per week, for 8 weeks. NRI is reduced by €13,200 to €54,800 and a Band 8 grant is now allocated.