Overview of SEC Grant Process 2021/22

1. All previous applicants who have submitted a Registration Form for the current school year (2020/21) will be automatically emailed a 2021/22 Registration Form, regardless of whether they received a grant or not. If you are applying for the grant for the first time (new applicants) for 2021/22, you must request a Registration Form from the school that has allocated your child a place.

2. When you have successfully submitted your Registration Form by email, you will receive a confirmation email from the SEC office.

3. Within a few weeks of the deadline, all Registration Forms are be processed by the SEC office. Once the Registration Form is processed, you will be emailed an electronic Application Form to complete and submit online, much like the Registration Form. To complete the Application Form you will need details of your income for the assessable year. For the 2021/22 school year, the assessable year is 2019.

4. As the Application Form will contain your personal information, it is protected with encryption and a password. You will be sent a unique password by SMS to open your Application Form.

5. After you have successfully completed and submitted your Application Form by email, you will receive a confirmation email from the SEC office.

6. When the SEC office has processed your Application Form, you will receive an email containing a specific list of documents that you will need to provide to the SEC to support and verify the information provided on your Form.

7. You must print the Application Form once you have emailed it. You must sign the declarations page, and bring the verification of religion page to your minister of religion to be signed. You must then post the printed, signed application form, verification of religion page, and all supporting documents to 21/22 SEC office, P.O Box 12924, Dublin 14.

8. Once your envelope is checked for all correct documents, you will receive a confirmation email. If there are documents missing from your application, you will receive an email advising that your application form and supporting documents are being returned by post to you. Your returned application will include a letter listing the missing documents/information.

9. Once all correct documents are received by the SEC your application will be Means Tested.

10. Notification of grant: You will be emailed the outcome once all applications have been processed in late May. Grants are normally paid in three termly installments directly to the school and credited to your school bill. Your child must continue in an SEC school each term in order to continue to receive the grant. The SEC will verify this directly with the school prior to paying the three termly installments.

  • For guidelines on how to fill in the Registration Form, please see: Registration Form
  • For guidelines on how to fill in the Application Form, please see: Application Form

You may be emailed for clarification or additional information at all stages of the grant application process.

You must reply by the deadline date given in any email or letter. If you do not do so your application will be declined.

Check your email inbox regularly for emails from the SEC

You should also check your junk/spam mail folder for expected emails from the SEC