The Registration Form

The Registration Form and Application Form are encrypted files for your security.

A computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC installed is required to open and fill the Registration form.

If you don’t have Adobe Reader on your computer, you can download it for free here. Adobe may suggest installing software from other companies along with Reader. Usually you do not want or need those, so uncheck them unless you’re sure you want them. If you use PDF products apart from Adobe Reader DC, e.g. Adobe Pro, the form may not work properly.

  • Applicants who have submitted a Registration Form for the current school year will be automatically emailed a grant Registration Form, whether they received a grant or not. If you are applying for the grant for the first time (new applicants), you must request a Registration Form from the school which has allocated your child a place.
  • Download and save the form to your computer (perhaps to your Desktop)
  • Right click the saved file and select open with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
  • An Activation Button has been included on the Registration Form to ensure your computer is compatible with the Registration Form and so that you can submit it successfully once you have filled it in.
  • When you click the Activation Button, you will be asked to input your selected email address (we recommend Gmail). The Registration Form is not compatible with Hotmail.
  • A draft email will be generated and will open automatically in your browser.
  • Click send and you will receive the activation code in an email to your inbox.
  • Input the activation code into the Registration Form and press the enter key on keyboard. “This form is unlocked” will appear.
  • Start filling in the Registration Form with your details.

See if you are experiencing difficulties opening the form, activating the form or submitting the form online.

Carefully review the FAQs before emailing for technical assistance

Click the  symbol beside each section on the form for hints and examples

Filling in the Registration Form

The SEC is obliged to report to the relevant authorities, including the Department of Education and Revenue, any person falsifying or withholding any information which may influence the amount of grant allocated to them.

Withholding information will delay the processing of applications and may result in the rejection of your application.

Certificate Number

If you applied to the SEC grant previously, input your 8-digit Certificate Number here.

If you are applying to the grant for the first time leave this box blank.

Who should I include in the Parent section?

Include the first and last name of the parent(s)/guardian(s)


Enter your current home address. This will be the address the SEC may return your application to if documents are missing later in the process.

Notify the SEC immediately if your address changes.


Find your eircode here:

Mobile number and email address

The SEC will contact you through the mobile number and email address you enter here only. Notify the SEC immediately if either of these details change as you may miss important notifications.

Children’s details

List ALL of your dependent children.

Full name – enter first name, surname

Date of Birth –  enter date of birth in the following format DD/MM/YYYY

Level – Do not enter the current year status of your child

Enter the level your child will be entering in September 2021 e.g. Form 2 if they will be entering 2nd year, 3rd level if they will be entering University, infant if they will be preschool or a baby, primary if they will be in primary school.

School – For Secondary School Students only.

Choose from the dropdown menu.

If your child is attending a school not in the SEC block grant scheme, select “Other” from the dropdown menu

Day/Boarder – Choose day pupil or boarding pupil.

Note: To be eligible for the boarding grant, your family home must be 20km from the school.

The home we live in

Select the sentence from the dropdown that most closely describes the status of your and your children’s family home.

Financial Profile

Click yes or no to each of the questions.

It is of utmost importance to answer these questions accurately and truthfully.

If it is shown later in the application process that you have answered one or more of these questions incorrectly, it will significantly delay your grant application processing and may result in your application being rejected.

Note: A current account is not a savings account.

Applicant Declarations

Read each statement carefully and if you agree, tick the box by clicking on it.

Submitting the Registration Form

  • Click Verify, if the form is filled correctly a Submit button will appear.
  • When you click the Submit button a draft email will be created in your email draft folder (should open automatically).
  • Click send on the draft email and when received by the SEC office you will receive a confirmation email.

An error box will appear when you click the Verify button if you have not filled in one or more red boxes.