Grant Appeals

How to Appeal an SEC Grant:

  1. Review your notification letter and the accompanying Means Test Summary to ensure that there is no mistake on the calculation of the Means Test.
  2. If you believe that the Means Test determining your grant has been calculated incorrectly then please email to request an appeal form.
  3. Please include your name and reference number in the email.
  4. Appeal forms will be sent by email with an SMS of the password required to open the form.
  5. In making your appeal application, grounds for appeal may include, for example:
  • Incorrect application of information previously provided or incorrect information used to calculate the Means Test.
  • Change of circumstances not known at time of application
  • New information since time of application
  • Special circumstances (for example: a serious medical condition; parent/guardian death)

Your appeal must be submitted to the SEC within two weeks of you receiving your notification letter. Appeals received after this deadline will not be processed.

Supporting documentation should be provided if your appeal is on the basis of change of circumstances/new information/special circumstances.

Applicants should be aware that appeal of grants is treated in the strictest confidence. The SEC is not in a position to discuss applications for appeals with school personnel.

Applicants should note that appeals sent to other SEC email addresses may not be seen. Please make sure to use:

To ensure fairness to all applicants for appeals, only appeals received using the steps above can be considered.