We provide means-tested financial aid to support necessitous Protestants attending secondary schools under Protestant management. The Protestant Block Grant scheme has been funded by the Department of Education since 1968.


Registration for 2022/23 school year is open.
Previous applicants will be emailed a link to complete the Registration Form online and should complete it before 30 October 2021. New applicants should request the link from their school and register within two weeks of accepting an offer


Review the Eligibility Criteria for the SEC grant and list of schools participating in the scheme.


See the list of Recognised Protestant denominations that can apply for the grant and access your downloadable verification of religion form.

How to apply

How to apply for SEC Grant, and documents needed to support your application.


“This grant helped with financial pressure as my 3rd youngest entered secondary school.”

Parent of three

“This grant alleviated the commuting stress and enabled my son to board in a school of our denomination.”

Single mother

“The generosity of the SEC made such a difference to our ability to cope during COVID delighted with our grant allocation.”

Self-employed Parent

Click here to test your possible grant allocation.